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Acoustica Mixcraft

Acoustica Mixcraft7.7_b310

An easy-to-use, excellent audio mixer

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  • by Anonymous

    Very good. It`s easy to work. You have an eye control of your working. I like it. Pros: allready wrote. Cons: no coment

  • by Anonymous

    Awesome Program!!. I've been using Mixcraft for many years and have recorded many professional-sounding songs thanks to many of it's awesome features. Pros: Ease of Use. Professional features. Cons: Not a whole lot is missing from this DAW. It has about everything you need to create professional-sounding songs

  • by Anonymous

    Amazing. Mixcraft is an all inclusive software. Easy to use. Auto arranging the notes and rhytham. Have facility to input the midi notes from the keyboard itself. It does not include the facility to adjust the exceptional rhythm patterns of 5/8, 7/8, 9/12 etc. If they give a facility to add the grill with the pattern rhythm, it would have been appreciated worldwide.

  • by Anonymous

    Mixcraft is the GarageBand for windows. Can't go wrong with Mixcraft 4 and there is a new version 5 out soon with video editing included, it's dead easy to use (definitely no MBA from MIT required!) see here for an in-depth review and access to a discount coupon and upgrade to the new version: Pros: Easy to use Very Inexpensive Ideal fMore

  • by Anonymous

    A Gift From Above. the program is just right. ive been rapping for quite awhile and this is truly the first time ive ever tried recording, editing and mixing on my own. i would recommend anybody who run across this program download the trial first and if you like it(which im quite sure you would)then buy it. Pros: the best. Cons: none